# Lifehouse Church

Ignite Your Life!

Jonathan and Michelle


1. Share something unique about yourself

We love sharing life with each other and with our friends and family! 

2. Favourite childhood memory?

Jonathan - Probably the memories I have with my high school friends. We are still really close today and there's always lots of laughs when we reminisce about the good old days.

Michelle - There are so many! I used to love taking the canoe out in our dam with my little brother and our dog. We'd catch tadpoles and bring them home in buckets to watch them grow into frogs!

3. Why did you choose your current occupation?

Jonathan - I'm a photographer. I've always loved taking photos. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who gets paid to do what they love every day.

Michelle - I'm currently working part time and enjoying the rest of my days at home being a mum! Over the years I've worked in retail, been a journalist, media advisor and an EA and loved all of them. I've been very blessed. I think out of all my occupations being a mum was the only one I chose for myself - the rest chose me! 

4. Sum up Lifehouse in one sentence

Jonathan - Changed my life.

Michelle - A second family full of love, without judgement - a place to call home.

5. When I first came to a Lifehouse church service I thought….

Jonathan - Relaxed, friendly, a great place to be.

Michelle - Love it here! We first came into contact with Lifehouse out in the community - at one of the events the church was supporting. Their love for helping others was inspiring - that's when we knew this was the church for us!

6. Where do you volunteer your time at church?

We lead our Oasis Group and the Lifehouse Media and Communications Team!

7. What motivates you?

Jonathan - My dad. He always worked so hard to give his kids the best life possible. I hope one day my kids look up to me the same way I look up to him.

Michelle - At the moment I'd say the story of Esther. She's beautiful, gutsy and full of faith. God's vision for her was bigger than she ever could have imagined. I think it's wonderful that God's plans for me are beyond all my expectations.

8. One word to describe your mid week Fuel/Oasis group 

Jonathan - Awesome

Michelle - Love!

9. Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

Jonathan - Karl Pilkingtong. He has a funny outlook on life and he would keep me in stitches the whole time!

Michelle - Jonathan for sure! He's a spunk, he's very good in emergency situations and also very handy. I'm sure we'd be out of there in no time - then he could buy me dinner :-)

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Jonathan - I'd love to go to Antarctica with my camera (and my wife). I've always wanted to take photos of the amazing scenery and wildlife there.

Michelle - I love holidaying in Thailand - sun, water, cocktails and great food!