# Lifehouse Church

Ignite Your Life!

Ben and Anne

1. Share something unique about yourself

Ben - I have red hair

Anne - I love hiking anywhere overseas.

2. Favourite childhood memory?

Ben - Anytime I was with all my family

Anne - Camping at Kangaroo Valley with our entire church congregation.

3. Tell us what you do for work and why you chose this occupation?

Ben - I'm a mechanic in an underground gold mine

Anne - I work in the legal profession. I chose this occupation because I love the great positive impact that a caring and generous lawyer can have on their community.

4. Sum up Lifehouse in one sentence

Ben - LH is a friendly and welcoming church

Anne - Lifehouse is little touch of Heaven on earth!

6. When I first came to a Lifehouse church service I thought/felt….

Ben - I enjoyed the realness of everyone

Anne - On my first visit I felt very welcomed and loved. The atmosphere was so warm and friendly.

5. Where do you volunteer your time at church?

Ben - Youth

Anne- Youth Ministry

7. What motivates you?


Anne - God's amazing love! Everyone should have it in their lives!

8. One word to describe your mid week Fuel/Oasis group 

Ben - Family

Anne - Not-to-be-missed.

9. Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

Ben - I'd use the stairs

Anne - Myself, alone time is rare!

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Ben - Road trip USA and Canada

Anne - Canada and Alaska because they look so beautiful. God's glory is so much in His creation.